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Permanent Smart Interior and Exterior Lights

The CANstar permanent holiday lighting system offers UL certified lights that are safe for installation and use all year round. Along with being low-maintenance and affordable, our lights can be controlled with the CANstar App from anywhere at any time.

Puck Light
customizable light designs

Puck Light

These premium lights are placed 8” apart for the best look. You get optimum brightness with only a few puck lights making it a favourite.

Pixel Light

The capsule shaped lights shine brilliantly when placed 3 – 4” apart for the best look. Each light is connected to make a strand which can then be converted into complex patterns.
Pixel Lights
Canstar Lights
Under Mount light

Under-Mount Light

These strip lights can be used anywhere inside the house to suit your moods with the colours and hues of your choice.

TV Backlight

This smart light is perfect for those game nights when you want the set-up to be just RIGHT to have a fun time!
TV Back Light
Patio light

Patio Light

Enjoy the Canadian seasons with holiday Christmas lights all year round or shift to a rich and warm white light in the summer evenings.

Add on Tree Lights

With 50,000 hours of use, these smart lights are perfect for your indoor and outdoor Christmas trees all while being totally weather-proof.
Add On Tree Lights