Become A Dealer

We’re presenting an opportunity to start a business with low capital. The permanent Christmas light system provided by CANstar is slowly and steadily becoming a market favorite. We offer an easy to manage model so that you have space to learn and grow with the business.

If you’re passionate about providing a versatile range of lighting products to the people in your community, you should partner with CANstar.

Why Should I Join CANstar?

When you become a CANstar dealer, you open the doors to multiple opportunities.

Ours is a high-margin business in an industry that is growing exponentially.

You get the opportunity to explore your creative side and offer customized solutions for every permanent holiday light installed.

We offer you advice and guidance on how to carry the business if you’re new. 

If you’re already an experienced business person who provides other types of installations, then CANstar permanent holiday lights can become an additional service you provide.

There’s much to gain by becoming a CANstar dealer.

Create a festive ambiance with colorful holiday light displays
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