Permanent Christmas Lights

Every Reason You NEED CANstar Permanent Holiday Lights

Permanent Outdoor Light

A Market Favourite

The CANstar system is equipped with 80+ smart effects, 50+ smart algorithmic colours, 16 million colours, full-fledged top & bottom sync technology!

Weather Proof

We’ve done numerous tests to make sure the Canadian weather doesn’t fail our lights!

Colorful and festive permanent Christmas lights
Outdoor LED lights creating a cheerful holiday ambiance


Our smart lights work with an AI based controller technology so that your home is ready for game day, festivals and other special occasions!


CANstar has a product to suit all your needs - from a TV backlight for game room to a combination of patio and exterior lights for those beautiful summer evenings.

Showcasing the Magic of Permanent Christmas Lights
Permanent Christmas lights illuminating a house exterior.

The only way to put up lights is your way!

Choose what works for you, a complete product line to light up your periphery. For indoor or outdoor, summer or winter, for tv back light to kitchen under mount light, from security light to patio light one brand complete solution Canstar.


Get a permanent holiday light system at the cost of 4 seasons worth of lighting costs!

holiday lights brightening up a home
LED lights - magical touch to house

Energy Efficient

CANstar lights offer 50K hours life by consuming only a small portion of your grid power making it a worthy choice as your permanent Christmas lights!

You Choose, We Provide

Customise your interior and exterior lights set-up to your liking - and you’re free to change its appearance at the click of a button!

customizable light designs

Our Products

Puck Light

Puck Light

These premium lights are placed 8” apart for the best look. You get optimum brightness with only a few puck lights making it a favourite.

Pixel Lights

Pixel Light

The capsule shaped lights shine brilliantly when placed 3 - 4” apart for the best look. Each light is connected to make a strand which can then be converted into complex patterns.

Under Mount light

Under-Mount Light

These strip lights can be used anywhere inside the house to suit your moods with the colours and hues of your choice.

TV Back Light

TV Backlight

This smart light is perfect for those game nights when you want the set-up to be just RIGHT to have a fun time!

Patio light

Patio Light

Enjoy the Canadian seasons with holiday Christmas lights all year round or shift to a rich and warm white light in the summer evenings.

Add On Tree Lights

Add on Tree Lights

With 50,000 hours of use, these smart lights are perfect for your indoor and outdoor Christmas trees all while being totally weather-proof.

colorful holiday light displays
Home decorated with lights

Now Your Permanent Christmas Lights Are Smart, Colourful, and Affordable!

Enlighten Every Moment With CANstar

CANstar is the right solution for every GenZ and Millennial who want to please their families with holiday lights, those smart and affordable permanent holiday lights!

CANstar smart lights are for those who will never have to leave the house dark at the risk of climbing a ladder when it snowed the night before.

CANstar is for those who absolutely love the holidays and go all out with their Christmas decor but are getting busy in their lives. We’ll hang those permanent Christmas lights once to leave you worry-free!

CANstar is here for those who just want to enjoy every moment with their family and friends peacefully, rather than worrying about the lights.

Our Happy clients

Mona Patel
Mona Patel
The CANstar team did a great job installing the lights. The installation was done in a professional and timely manner. Very prompt and efficient customer service. The lights look great!
Andrew Williamson
Andrew Williamson
Took over a residence that had CANstar Lights. The team came out to the house, helped me download the app and walked me through its use. The team was fantastic in getting our outside lights set up and running. Great customer service experience.
Pritesh Patel
Pritesh Patel
Fantastic work, product & Services within my budget. Excellent software with too many features, favourite themes & you can do your own theme. Very easy to use.
Arya Dhaval Patel
Arya Dhaval Patel
One of the best company in Edmonton who provide this permanent lights around our homes and it looks so beautiful and worth watching on home..thanks CANstar
Jasue & Prince Mehta
Jasue & Prince Mehta
SO happy with CANstar Lights and team. I carefully researched 2-3 highly recommend lighting companies before choosing CANstar. Pragnesh and his team were extremely prepared with a detailed quote and comparisons as to why their product was superior amongst there competitors! Like many of there 5-Star Reviews, CANstar provided amazing service especially as our request was urgent and the crew delivered ON TIME. Our lights look beautiful, and our neighbours love the different themes we have every night depending on our mood 😊 I would highly recommend CANstar to anyone looking to upgrade there lighting
Veena Harsha
Veena Harsha
Excellent service!!. Thank you for all the help.
Mitul Patel
Mitul Patel
Excellent service, better prices compared with other, definitely recommend
Mandeep Tung
Mandeep Tung
Excellent service. Affordable price. We love all the different colours and effects options available in these lights. Will definitely recommend it.
albin george
albin george
Good service and reasonable price. 5 year complete warranty. All my concern they provided a genuine reply.
Bina Dhaliwal
Bina Dhaliwal
Great project and service. We compared Canstar’s product with Gemstone and Watts, these guys are way ahead in technology. This is not a cheap product so after sales service is very important. Hands downs to their service even after 1.5 year 10/10 on the service. I would highly recommend Canstar Light!

I Need In On The Deal

Permanent holiday lights have been around for a while, but their affordability and ease of use is what make them a worthwhile investment. The lack of competition in the market enables you, as a dealer, to enjoy the benefits that come with installing permanent holiday lights onto the homes of their community. Invest in the smart lights business for great returns!